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On 5th February 2052AD, with the aid of the most advanced artificial intelligence in history, the self-aware matrix: SAM 7, the leader of the Church of the Quantum Mind: Bernard Nightingale attains the holy grail of Physics–the Theory of Everything. But it comes at a price, for his discovery provides indisputable evidence of a divine and universal consciousness; it consists of nothing less than a new transcendental calculus, the Ouroboros breakthrough, which provides a rigorous mathematical demonstration of the existence of God. 

When he presents his findings to a disbelieving world, the reaction of the secular and materialistic is as vicious as it is predictable. Jonas Cartwright, CEO of the world’s largest corporation, commissions his private army–the Death Void Heretics–to destroy all evidence supporting the new global faith. The directive is intercepted by SAM 7 and, in fear of his life, Nightingale disappears without trace.

Former soldier, now priest: Stephen Szrama is summoned to the inner sanctum of the Church, high in the mountains of Crete. Shortly after his arrival, all communication to the outside world is cut as the island is subject to an airborne invasion for the second time in its history. As the clergyman races against time to locate his friend and mentor, the few remaining faithful, isolated and encircled, battle against an overwhelming enemy force.

Szrama alone possesses the necessary tactical knowledge and commanding presence so desperately needed to protect the vital scientific proof–the essential next step in the spiritual evolution of mankind. Only his former unit–the legendary Shyhawks–can assist. However, he finds himself trapped within a nightmarish landscape. In order to escape, he must first penetrate the five sheathes of ignorance which blind men to vision of the divine and overcome that most formidable of barriers–the selfish impulses of his own ego.