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 Call of the Void is a mystery thriller which charts the journey of a young man, Gideon Peters, in search of an  answer to one of  life’s most intriguing questions: what is the point and purpose of my existence? The story is  set in pre-digital age Britain and  spans the 22 years of Gideon’s life from 1961 to 1983 as his quest takes  him to London. At the request of his father, he enlists  in a campaign to expose the political agenda of a  secret cult within the capital. Gideon is taken to the limit of his physical  endurance and moral courage in a  traumatic encounter with its leader: the mysterious Magus; a man who will stop at nothing to  protect his  technology of hypnotic persuasion and the capacity it bequeaths to commit the perfect murder. No one is as  they  appear to be as Gideon is forced to confront his inner demons and his deepest fear - a compelling  impulse to self destruction.
 Call of the Void has a strong philosophical and spiritual theme with an emphasis on hypnosis. It is an  exploration of the unconscious powers of the human mind written by a professional hypnotherapist.

  Through Gideon’s eyes we are invited to challenge conventional ideas on the nature of reality, good versus  evil, free will against  determinism as he struggles the unravel the enigma of the baffling but commonplace  urge to leap from high places: the Call of  the Void. Set in an alternate world, great care has been taken to  mirror historical accuracy as the story reaches its dramatic  conclusion against the backdrop of the General  Election in the United Kingdom in June 1983. Gideon is betrayed and thrown to  the wolves as he faces a  pulverising street fight against the Magus’s most dangerous henchman: Boris Pasternak.

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